Thanks adeq :)

 hahah update lagi kan :P 
tapi kali nieh fer my adeq akiem ...
cos dye sudi plk lukis pic loq ..
ahahhaha thanks so much :D ....
love it n u so talented deq .... jadi cm sis yer nnt ahhahah :P
erhh n pic atas tuh sbb loq sokong spain tok final euro 2012 hahahah :P 
fanatik taw ngn bola :D 
2-7-12 nieh final antara italy n spain ..
viva la espana :D ..... hope will win this final . but kalau kalah pun ..
loq still sokong spain sbbb smpi ke tahap final yeay ... 
ok2 ttp sal bola :D .. bawah2 nieh semua pic yg dilukis oleyh adeq akiem ...
bukan sng owg nk lukis kan tok loq .. selalu loq je lukis kan tok owg 
ehheheh thanks taw deq ...
appriate sgt taukk
ahhahaha :D nice job .. love the sketch .... <3 
buat ler lagi nnt yer ahahahhahahahah :P ....
comel kan adeq loq lukis . wah sama plk tuh kan :D 
style :P 
atas nieh gambar loq time loq lukis katun ,,
perh mmg sebijik :D 
suke sgt pic nieh . most fav .
thankls adeq :))
last lukisan dr adeq akiem :)) 
keep it up okey adeq :) 
apa2 nnt adeq nye art work . 
post lah kat page sis okey :)) 
nice workkk :) ...

latest nie pic loq :) ..
suke gle style nieh 
btw thanks fer reading n following :D 
i will follow u all back :D

KARMA is a BITCH (!) And I'm Her ♥ Whatever people said about you , Just be yourself

sketch n colouring

jawab lah salam yer :P .. jam menandakan 1.55 a.m . hah bosan 
dah mandy semua . makan sudah ... now for update some blog :) .
tok kali nieh pasai sketch n colouring again . ahahha ... simple update :P ... 
here the sketch before colouring with ps cs3 
loq x guna scanner .. just snap with henset saja  . sbb tuh ada noise skit :) 
but nk try jugak colour ... by using ps . loq start with basic color :P 
skin type gune colour coklat susu . ikut kulit yg sesuai .. n using soft brusher ...
so jdi cm bawah nieh :P
nampak serabut kan ahhaha :D . but nnt leyh kemas kan . maybe sebab noise . n saiz encet yg kechik
loq x snap tool bnyk nieh je . n bawah nieh plk 
pic dah abes colour .... noise bnyk kan . but loq gune paints n photoscape . nk bg colour lagi terang . 
so bawah nieh hasilnye :P .... 
do comment ya :P . setiap manusia ada bakat tersendri :) 
nk kutuk pun x perr weeee :P .......
n thanks cos follow my blog :) 
have a nice day :P 
assalamualaikom :D

KARMA is a BITCH (!) And I'm Her ♥ Whatever people said about you , Just be yourself


Jawab salam before baca wee :P 
sekarang menandakan jam 3.30 pm. 11.6.2011
fer today just wanna show u all about my latest sketch n coloring technique .
stay tuned n follow up  step by step that i want to shown u all ..
i'm not pro about this  colouring technique
using PHOTOSHOP CS3...
btw .. pic opening is with my besties , diana ,,, :P .
okey done follow up byeeee ,,,, 
original sketch that i scan before enter PS CS3

now begin with layer colouring skin tone..

then i use History Brush tool . to undo the original color 
coloring the hair with fav color ..   mixing with yellow n orange
n little bit balck. using colour burn .n soft light ..

coloring the lips with shadow n cigarette .

coloring eyes shadow  matching with hair color  n highlight the eyes brow 
then make some shadow at certain part ..
now its DONE ,,,,,, ..

p/s : Do Comment ... im not pro with this . but i still learning ... :) 
enjoy the step ...
u all can do \like me to :D ..
thanks u cos follow my blog ....
trully loqlaq 

KARMA is a BITCH (!) And I'm Her ♥ Whatever people said about you , Just be yourself